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Candle Range


Candle Range

Essential Oil



Combined with bergamont, geranium and sandalwood essential oils, it brings you a soothing scent combination as the candle burns. The candle is decorated with some citrine crystals to bring sunshine to the environment.



Wistful memories of a holiday full of sunshine, the orangery candle is a wonderful blend of grapefruit, cedarwood and ylang ylang. Decorated with citrine crystals to encourage more cheer as you continue to burn the soy candle.


Geranium and lavender

Beautifully scented with soothing lavender and balancing your emotions geranium essential oils, lightly fragrance your home with this natural product. The candle is hand poured in our studio in south London using natural soybean wax - a sustainable and biodegradable type of wax which is better for your health and environment.


We use soy wax which is 100% GM free and with no pesticides and herbicides at any stage during its collecting process.

Self Care: Prioritising good sleep with lavender

It is a well known promoter of sleep. The aroma of the oil induces alpha waves in the brain resulting in one feeling relaxed and sleepy.