Casa Limes


The rise of spirituality

I was lucky to be taken to an evening talk event held at the members only venue Allbright located round the corner from a Tottenham Court tube station.

The event started with an introduction to crystals by the lovely Katie-Jane Wright of And Crystals - because she only had 15 minutes, Katie-Jane briefly touched upon the use of selenite crystals as a cord cutting tool (for boundary purposes for tonight’s exercise), rose quartz and smoky quartz.

We were encouraged to explore the venue, spread out over three floors - a spacious modern interior throughout with lovely artwork and living the restaurant area at the back of the ground floor with the hanging plant plots.


After ordering a complimentary drink from the bar, we got to hear the speakers take on why spirituality is currently on the rise, with one of two men in the audience adding the concept of women’s gentle energy to introduce such form of being to others and that it’s their turn to be at the forefront of such movement (which they’ve always been the dominant gender when it comes to exploring spirituality, in various forms - think of witches, Mary Magdalene, palm and tarot readers always seems to be women and so on).

Daryl Busico Lacay